Pepito over Diego any day

I just found my now very cold coffee precariously balanced on a stack of Dora and Madeline books. Those two types really shouldn't be stacked together. The Dora books I detest reading, the Madeline I love to read. But that is the stack of motherhood, the parts I adore, rhythm, rhyme, beauty, fun and the parts I detest, too bright primary colors, false cheerfulness, materialism and the whining. OK so those don't ALL encapsulate poor Dora but still she is just too glossy and her head is just so big. My coffee is cold but I can brew a new pot. My list of to does makes me feel a little fuzzy around the productive edges and my baby just figured out steps. Back to that brew a new pot, off to do that and tackle the day. Hope you have a bit more Madeline than Dora today:)
A cozy photo I love


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