Do we have one named Danny?

Moments this week....

At dinner this week as we were doing our highlights and low lights, James excitedly shared the latest news from 5th grade drama. "It was crazy guys, Danny* got sent to the principles office 4 times in one day!" Everyone is properly aghast until Sheff chimes in, "well why the heck did he do that? Doesn't he know he needs to represent the family? Set a good example for younger ones? Show self control in the classroom" We are all watching him perplexed.  A slightly uncomfortable silence. Sheff clears in throat, "huh, we don't have one named Danny do we?" We all shake our heads smiles forming. James responds blithely "Dad, I will be sure to tell Dan he needs to represent our family from now on". Sheff chagrinned laughs.

As many know Mark cut his hair last week. To my credit it was not on my watch he came home from school with a lightning bolt cut directly front and center. We buzzed him, he was upset. The cool, odd thing is once buzzed we noticed he has a perfect arrow part on the top of his head, having never been fully buzzed before he is delighting in his Avatar status and claiming super powers. Nothing as powerful as Daisy's cooking prowess but super none the less. He is the leader of all Lions, he runs the cozy blanket club in his room and the king of the playground at school. I miss his hair. A lot. But it will grow back. He told me sweetly "Mom I will be your little blond guy again soon but right now I am Avatar king of the cozy blankets".

Lucy has started crawling. She goes this way and that, finding bits of string so siblings jump and grab it, tiny pieces of paper that look delectable just past the pillow and a tiny ball two steps up. Each adventure she has someone next to her giving encouragement ready to grab her or an unknown edible object if necessary. What a wonderful house to be a baby in! I love watching them watch her, the way they all take pride in her firsts. Daisy plays with her gently teaching her songs and Lucy claps along. I just love this phase and everything sweet about it.


  1. Ok..the hair story, kind of scary. BUt cute. I think it's great that you have so many that Love Lucy. Around here it's either love or hate...there are few in betweens. Alas, when I get a text from Joe that Charlie is reading to Lorelai on the couch, even if it is Captain Underpants, it still warms my heart.


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