Mom why don't we have any food!

Mickey to me: Mom we don't have any food, WHY don't we have any food?
Mom: Mick we have food
Mickey: We don't have FOOD food, only like the parts that make food
Mom: Mick you guys EAT all the food, you know...
A gleam enters my eye, Mickey backs up calling for reinforcements
Mickey: Ah, guys Mom looks weird. GUYS! Mom is coming up with a project, or a job or SOMETHING
Mom: You guys should really learn how to cook! So when you are hungry you say Viola! I can cook!
John: Viola? Like we are Spanish
James: No numbskull French, Mom seriously I can't cook with him!
Mom: Ah, ha! But you WILL cook!
James hedging a bit now realizing he agreed to cook puts Mark squarely in front of him self and responds "Mark can't cook! He'd hurt himself. He is really small"
Mark: I am not small! I am huge like a Tiger.
Mark roars ferociously, Lucy claps from one rug away where Daisy is playing Barbies. Lucy goes back to eating the barbies hair and coughing intermediately. SHE should probably eat something other than Barbie hair too. Annie enters into the foray
Annie: We can make macaroni and cheese but I don't know how to make like a snack.
Nate: Lets make fruit snacks! Do they have glue in them?
James: Ha! I am telling Grandma Boo that you made us eat glue!
Mom: Nobody is eating glue! No Nate fruit snacks are not made with glue, well maybe a little glue but you may not eat glue EVER, Ok?
Nate shrugs non committally still figuring out a mental fruit snack recipe. Daisy pipes up "You all know I can cook, mom teached me everything because you guys have to go to school" Everyone is getting distracted, paper airplanes are being folded, a comic is opened, someone is braiding my hair. I feel like we had a semi family meeting that turned into a hippy convention.
Mom: sigh. Lets go make some bread.
Everyone agrees they love bread, pumpkin is the fave. Now everyone wants to crack the eggs, there are only 4 eggs and 7 willing volunteers. Mickey wanders off to the pantry.
Mom: Mick do you want to help?
Mickey: No Mom I want some FOOD!
The kids made a cake in honor of a feast day for Mary, a few years back that is baby Daisy:)


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