Cooking for Spite

Daisy often helps me with cooking when the bigs are at school. Today as we were making bread dough for pizza she asked me "Do you know why I love to help you cook mom?" I smiled and drifted away to thoughts of her valedictorian speech in college, things about her loving mother and the smells that make up childhood. She brought me back to the task at hand with "Because of the HA!" I looked at her perplexed "The Ha?" I asked. She nodded sagely handing Lucy back her raw cucumber we use for teething biscuits and replied "Yes the Ha! Like I was a big green guy with Daddy muscles and jump them and say Ha! I can make food and you were at school and YOU can't make food, HA!" My fantasies are dwindling down and I remember I ought to pick up that book on sibling rivalry I recently put on hold at the library. I ask with trepidation "So, big green guy, like the hulk? And Ha, as in Ha Ha?" She nods pushing tiny fists purposefully into the dough and replies "Yep I have super powers and the big kids had to go to school. So ha ha in your face I can COOK!" Ah yes, lovely just the childhood mother daughter memory I was going for. We did get the dough done, and even a few pizzas made, Ha!


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