Space Changing

Our basement is currently set up to workout and play space,
soon it will serve as our interim kitchen & family room

After deliberating this summer and early fall we have decided to start a home remodel. A tear down, bust through, re create space project. Sheff has promised kids can hold sledgehammers, color on walls and save pieces to make a stellar fort in the back yard. This is all very exciting but I get a bit woozy imagining running this family of 10 without an entry way (think jackets, hats, boots, back packs) or a kitchen (think, well life all revolves around the kitchen counter!) for months on end.

I am sure it will work out beautifully. And having a kitchen twice the current size, a mud room and family room that work for our gang will be life changing. But I am predicting some highs and lows staging a kitchen in the basement  and a temporary mud room in the garage.

I often have initiated changing how we use the current 6 bedrooms, shuffling kids, kicking some out for a workout room, allowing 4 to one room and 1 to another. That fluidity seems necessary with age and gender coming into the mix. But changing decor from horses to baseball is not the same as busting out walls and gutting a kitchen.

Sheff, like usual, is cool as a cucumber in the planning. I am actually the one having  hard time envisioning change. I guess the longer you live in a space the harder it is to creatively re think it!

We will be eating on the floor more often!
As we start down this road be careful if you offer to help out, you might end up with 10 people camping out in your kitchen:)


  1. We will start knocking down walls in the new year! Make it through the holidays (yup this mama loves Christmas, can't imagine the chaos at Christmas time with a remodel!)

    Expect extra folks at your table and in your laundry room in 2013, what no room for an extra 10 of us? :)


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