Here is the box, now get creative!

Trying to get kids set for Halloween can be expensive and frustrating. Early on we started the Halloween family party tradition. The weekend before Halloween we choose a night of the weekend for a party. Kids decorate, we choose Halloween themes for a charades game and bring up a big box of costumes and another of craft supplies. We light a fire, make spiced apple cider and let the creative juices flow.

My rule is I never buy a costume, never have, hope I never will. After kids present their ideas we can see what is missing. We can run out during the week to add teeth to a vampire or white face paint to a geisha but only after the kids have created and presented their idea.

After trying on costumes at a Halloween store this week I was amazed at how pre packaged this holiday as become. Find a plastic bag and inside will be the grossest or most inappropriate poorly made outfit. Where is the creative fun loving spirit in that? Now I am not saying I am a master costume maker, I am actually terrible at it. And hand me down costumes we gladly accept so I should be careful not to dis buying costumes too hard core:) But buying for 8 is just not possible so tradition is born.

Kids have an opportunity in this holiday to be creative, artistic and resourceful.

That said I bought a hippie necklace because I could not for the life of me figure out what to be, the kids are used to my one Halloween sweater (it's not that bad) and painting my nose to look like a cat. See? Not creative, but very frugal which is the other side of our family party. We want them to have traditions that are about family and fun and don't require spending a lot of money.

Starting our decorations
So cheers to a fun, safe and creative holiday! It is always such a TREAT to see the costumes and excitement. One of the best traditions around here comes the day AFTER Halloween but we will have to wait and see if the Great Pumpkin visits the Otis house this year:)


  1. I LOVE your idea. Lorelai has been a witch just about every year since she grew out of the hand-me-down outfits. Each year we add a little more from around the house, mommy's make up bag or even some crazy shoe decor or funky tights. It seems to make it more fun. You are good at this creative kidstuff! :) Good luck with the Great Pumpkin.
    I'm sure he'll be around.

  2. Thank you! A work in progress (parenthood always is)! I just love what kids can come up with and want them to think for themselves. Also, who doesn't love a fire & family time :)

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