Conferences & a mouse!

I made it through 7 conferences. Sheff couldn't leave work to join me, I stacked my papers, talked to wonderful teachers (true gems) and made my mental to do list.

With a large family it is hard to get everything done, everyone's needs met, everyone's social studies homework corrected. At the same time I am amazed at how well the kids are doing overall. I have a list of goals, a list of things to congratulate each child and a list of challenges to tackle in the coming months.

Part of team Otis!
After a long day Sheff and I both had to be out for a couple hours when the kids were on their own. Converging at the end of our time away big drama had happened. A mouse in the house!

We have not had one since we moved in and weatherized so not thrilled BUT the kids handled it. Annie, our animal lover, created a humanitarian mouse trap. They got a large zip lock bag and she put peanut butter in the bag. Then John-Luke crouched down and nudged the mouse in with a hanger. He then tied the bag up, with a live mouse, and brought it outside. Annie would not let him kill the mouse "It would be a sin mom". Another sibling had kept the baby out of the room and then Nate had everyone sanitize their hands after the rodent adventure just in case germs were in the air (no one actually touched the mouse).

So there are things we need to work on, but these Otis kids are an amazing team. They work together and don't seemed phased by much. If I was home alone babysitting and saw a mouse I would have freaked. They simply made a plan and executed it while keeping little ones safe and out of the way.

A+ kids!


  1. Good job Otis kids! I'm impressed. Have they seen wallace and gromit and the tale of the were rabbit? It's worth it just to add to their skills as humane pest control gurus.


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