Life's a Beach

There is a country song that has the refrain "Some beach, somewhere..." I am on that beach with the kids this week. I am choosing the literal interpretation, beaches are a highlight of family time. We have been getting out daily to swim, build sandcastles or splash in the wading pool.

Look out world James is 12!
Last week when the heat hit advisory highs we hunkered down and felt very American in our multi TV air conditioned home. Sheff whipped up 3 levels of wooden storage in the basement so the kids have been helping me sort clothes and holiday decorations so everything can be stacked in the new storage. Love it! Feels like I am shopping at Costco finding the new size Ballet slippers.

Finding sea treasures in Maine

Doing summer activities with 8 kids is so much fun. Sheff took kids to John's game last night (I was at Church book club, it included wine and was heaven talking about books with smart women). Sheff said  at the ball park they found an empty field and made up games. Having grown up an only child, nothing makes me happier than seeing them play together. Summer lets them relax into being each others friends around the clock, going to the beach making a deserted baseball field into a fun zone.

Sisters on the beach
Loving summer, loving this time with the kids all home. As kids come and go with their own camps & activities I always look forward to the moments we are 10 strong as a family, even getting ice cream is better when we are all together.

The beach comes with the sand, mess, wet suits, spilled chips but the time together playing is what I choose to remember.


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