Being Fit, ENERGY as a Family Priority

Last night as I was sweating on the treadmill I was thinking about how to raise daughters with a positive sense of self and a healthy desire to be fit. It is not an easy thing to do. I actually see the influence of their brothers being the motivating factor in playing pick up games, races and eating what they want.

Growing things, taking care of flowers and gardens are a wonderful
way to teach daily health, I am trying to do more every year!
I would think everyone at some point is found worrying about food and fitness. The happiest I have ever been in this area is now as a mother. In part the context is so important. My happiness is based less on my self than any other phase of life. Being a good wife, being a good mother and being a good friend are the building blocks of daily life. Finding time to pray, exercise, make good meals and keep a clean home map out my day. A good book, show or conversation are the icing.

Looking back at being a girl growing up, I wouldn't go backwards if you paid me! To navigate self esteem in a culture so based on things external is tricky at best.

My girls see me make food choices & fitness choices while weighing other priorities. If I had childcare or unlimited time, I could see fitness becoming too important, being obsessive. Needing to have it fit into the other pieces of the daily puzzle allow it to be simply something I do when kids are in bed in between laundry and seeing Sheff. I get on the treadmill and my goal is to run through one Netflix show most days of the week, around 2 to 4 miles. If I do weights it is in the living room with with lots of little helpers mimicking me:)

After having Lucy I wanted to get back into great shape. It's fun to feel great abut how you look but even more key is to have...ENERGY! Being in running, dancing or hiking shape gives me stamina for the long summer days of needing to keep up with Costco trips, beach days and simply maintaining the home front.

I stuck a pair of size 26 jeans on the shelf in my closet and thought "Those will be fun to go dancing in, lets make it happen!" My biggest tricks are lots of natural fiber. Forget the calories and fat, look at the fiber and enjoying the meals. I agree after each baby you have to work to get your tummy feeling good, I wrap right after birth and I drink water like I am running a daily marathon:) Farm boxes are a great way to cheat and not think. Just eat a farm box choice daily for lunch. A huge plate of Kale with sesame oil and a little Trader Joe's spicy peanut dressing is yummy! I cut up a big onion to fry with it and the kids eat the onion. Broccoli slaw is another easy raw green as is marinating cucumbers (my kids eat these like chips). If we eat McDonalds for lunch we will grill extra veggies for dinner. If we splurge on Pizza we have a protein shake for the next snack. No extremes just never letting processed foods tip the scales.

As a mom I want my kids (daughters and sons) to see me balancing my health as a family priority. There will always be days I feel yucky, but with so many eyes watching I want to show gratitude, self control and flat out loving life as a daily mantra.


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