September 2011

Back to school! It was hard to say good by to summer this year. This was my favorite summer of all time, really! The next up was likely biking in Europe with Lauren but that was a whole different feel and more than a decade ago:) This summer was wonderful because...yes edge of your seats, it was...organized. We had a rhythm, a daily routine and it worked so well for us. Sending them off yesterday was hard because we had worked together as a unit for 3 months. The only camp they went to was Bible camp where I worked to off set the cost.

The night before school started we sat around a campfire and went over our summer highlights. Most everyone listed Maine, climbing on the rocks and finding crabs. A close second was the Bible Camp hosted by Nativity, Gloria Dei and Holy Spirit in St Paul. I worked in the Nursery with one of my closest friends so it was actually a fun week for me as well. Spending time with the Corniea family is also a summer highlight. For me its invaluable to compare notes with another mom to 8 (almost 9!). We talk about how to make meals healthy and low cost, about sleeping arrangements and the way kids learn. We try to support each other in faith and really care about each other's kids.

Daisy 4years Starting Pre K
Another highlight was playing with Auntie Lauren, Oliver and Juliet. The fact that Lauren and I have been friends since we were 2 is amazing. Her mother Milne, was in the same book club that Sheff's mother Caroline and my mother Nor were in back in the early 80s. Sheff was a big 5 when Lauren and I were toddlers. I had not pegged him as my future husband:)

So summer highlights noted and fall hopes outlined. The kids had sticky fingers from marshmallows and memories jumbled up, spilling out into combined stories. One child would start, another would interject and a third would finish. Its amazing to watch them tumble through adventures together.

James is off to 5th grade, Annie and John-Luke 4th, Mickey 3rd, Nate 2nd, Mark started Kindergarden today and Daisy Eleanor is starting preschool. Thankfully I have Lucy home to keep me company while I cook, wash, write and prepare to hug them at 2:10.

Mark 5 first day K

Happy back to school everyone! May God bless your (and your children's!) year with learning, love and friendship.


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