10 years today!

I suppose it is in part our fighting spirit that makes it seem like 10 years has been a breeze:) I think our road to family, the fight behind having those around us accept adoption and our faith based approach to living has made us feel like we have something to prove, in a good way.

As we hit 10 years today I looked at the inscription on my wedding ring, Sheff's has the same " Forever intertwined we grow together" We were fully cognizant that we married young (I was 22, Sheff 24). On our first date (after meeting as children and being thrown back together by our parents) we talked about faith, money, divorce and education. We actually went bowling. He thought I was a bit too New York (Had just moved back from Brooklyn after a stint there) and I wondered if he was actually handsome under the fisherman beard. I relaxed back into colors falling in love and he shaved the beard. And, um, he was handsome.

Sheff joined the Catholic faith and I went running in the rain and learned how to cook. Other than that we have basically grown up together, not a whole lot of compromising, more co creating our life and dreams. Our commitment to each other feels very easy, it is what is is, our roots grew together and the trunk is strong. Our children will hopefully reach fully to the sky and trust the base beneath them as they do.

When we hit 20 year married I hope we still have a full house, a little Irish temper, some good gospel country to get the work done tempered with MPR so our brains stay sharp, time to brainstorm our next adventures, clean food, a few pews at church and long walks together. And maybe a party. For 10 years Sheff is having  gold anniversary band made, and we are having a marriage blessing.

If anyone has a moment today I ask for prayers for strong loving marriages and families, I am greatful and humbled by our own.


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