Workers! Then and Now

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” 
―Samuel Goldwyn 

Where do you put the toddler when doing yard work? Dad thinks in a bucket!
Brothers who work all day together..get along.
Skilled work force.

M is not sure of A's ability to wield the wheelbarrow.

Working on a roof last week.

J's moves from a house away

Being called on to work takes many forms.

Planting trees and bushes in our yard. 

Flooring crew

N scraping up a tile, long and messy job

Our Kitchen chores start at age 7 or 8, sometimes some reaching help happens,
but we have step ladders to make independent workers.

Washing walls! Lots of hands, kids do a rotation in each house we have been in or warm water with
Vinegar, drop of dish soap  and wash clothes to wash.

Mopping is a great job for littles.

Helping cook, working on doing more of this. 

Leaves! Fun work.

Short crew.

Starting when it's an honor and big deal makes older kids great at jobs.


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