Laughter Hidden in the Normal, Underneath the Junk Mail

A joyful heart shall do good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.
Proverbs 17:22 

Little M: Mom do we need to wear pants today?
His siblings all turn to look at him, he meant it. Athletic shorts year round seem to be the "in" thing hence the question.

Lu: It would be fun if lady bugs had tables.
Mom: Why would it be fun?
Lu: Oh MOM you don't know how to throw a bug party!!!!

Little M: If something gets cut does the blood stop EVENTUALLY?
Mom: What?! Who is cut, what happened?
D: MOOOOM the paper cut me that was on Mark's airplane, Mark cut me.
Dad (having just walked in the door greeted by Lucy and massive yelling and screaming)
Lu: Dad! Mark sent a plane what cutted Daisy's finger and the blood came out!
Dad: Huh. I might need to take a work call in my truck for a minute.

Big M: I have lots of Math, or reading. Hmm I have lots of papers in a yellow folder. Maybe it was a green folder. I have to do something for a book talk in the red folder.
He looks around in his backpack, no folders of any color to be found. He shrugs. 
Big M: Well, now I have time to make a second snack. See mom everything works out! Huh.

John: Mom, could I take Spanish?
Mom: Sure! I think you can start next year.
John: Could I start, like, maybe ....tonight?
He looks a little sheepish turns out a pretty girl asked him directions at the middle school....yup in spanish.

Lu: I want to be a Doctor, cook, a princess and an artist when I am all grown up!
N: Ok, you want to be a MOM!

I am finding more and more that laughter is good for the soul. Making the choice to remember a funny moment and not the frustrating one can be the hardest part. Opening the windows, letting in the sun, making my self deal with insurance call I don't want to make or the bill that is hanging over my week, is important. Getting it done, letting it go and focusing on the joy that is always lurking around the corner. If I turn away from the stress and housework I will find right in front of me a fabulous dress up outfit paired with rain boots, a short story someone wrote all in amazingly creative Old English and a village created from junk mail and cereal boxes.

The creativity and humor is always THERE. It is my job to take the time to see it, take the time to laugh and not let the moment pass by. To not forget the levity of life and feel my spirit dry in my bones.

Some photos that make me SMILE!

Brothers sharing a joke
A play that involved lots of theatrics and belly laughs
cracking up
making his brother laugh
What a FUN mess
Making the baby I was holding laugh.


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