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I have been trying to be more creative with having our kids have less processed snacks, things like gold fish and pretzels that seem to "take over" our snacking. Some friends reminded me we do a lot of creative snacks already and I thought I would share those! I am always looking for more ideas. We also do beef sticks, cheese sticks and veggies with dip but these are some fun ones. 

Zucchini Muffins

1 shredded zucchini, I shredded and squeezed out water from the day before. If frozen drain. Then microwave to get soft, about 2 min if raw, 4 if frozen then drain and put aside to mix with:

1 ripe banana
3 eggs whole
teaspoon corn starch
cinnamon & sugar teaspoon or plain cinnamon, or add savory spices

Spray a muffin tin, 12 openings. Bake about 12 min or so until brown edges.  

33 Calories per "Muffin" 

Simple Otis Cucumbers 

4 cucumbers peeled and sliced (even the youngest kids love peeling these!)
regular vinegar, 1 cup

1 tablespoon garlic salt

1 tablespoon Stevia (or 2 table sugar)

1 sliced red onion.

Mix together, put in tupperware and turn upside down so all the pieces can "pickle" our kids eat like chips! I leave on the counter and they walk by and nibble. Stays good even in heat because of the vinegar so a great picnic option.

Staying active!
Sheff put up pull up bars in most door ways. If Kids act up they need to do pull ups until they are spent. This payed off when they do the physical fitness tests yearly:)

Chopped Kale Salad

1 head of kale, take off the stems, chop and microwave for 1 min to soften
add 1/2 cup of dried cranberries 

Mix vinegar and Stevia to taste, about 1/2 cup and 1 teaspoon

Chop 1/4 red onion finely toss wit kale, dressing and cranberries.

Add crumbled feta when served. Also good with chopped fresh cucumber or other veggies and in a pinch a greek vinaigrette is really good as well.
Lil Mark & Nate, we have treats too! I just find balancing sugar with fiber and protein helps behavior and energy for all the kids and PARENTS

Apple Pie Apples

6 apples sliced
Ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon
Sugar, 1 tablespoon
Fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon.

Toss and leave out for kids. Lemon stops from browning and the apples really taste like a treat!

Real apple pie is lovely too and a regular treat. I use a bit of unsweetened apple sauce and corn starch to make a bit of extra gooey filling with extra cinnamon, fresh apples, lemon juice and stevia.


  1. We have tried a new recipe for banana pancakes (without flour)

    1 banana mashed
    1 egg
    a tsp of oil
    a pinch of cinnamon

    Mix it all together, a blender may be best. Cook it like a pancake and it is pretty darn tasty, :)

    1. Love these! I do very similar for myself but I do 1 egg and 1 egg white with one banana and fry it up, delish with plain yogurt on top:)


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