August Crash

That post coffee crash can turn a great morning into a lousy one fast. My solution to this is....have a second cup.

August seems to be a very strong black brew and we all miss our tennis routine. We did 7 weeks of Urban Tennis, essentially daily lessons for the kids in one hour shifts by age group. Those not playing tennis would be at the park or doing summer workbooks. I pre packed snacks and we had a wonderful system.

August has descended like a wonderful deep brew. The intoxicating possibility of sleeping in and having no structure is upon us. Kids all think this is going to be uber cool until week two and they are at each other. Feet stick out just slightly in the hopes of tripping another, bikes are taken without asking the owner (a sibling of course) and snacks roll listlessly into meal times.

To add to the crash we are in the final push of finishing a home build, getting our house ready to sell, starting new schools and potty training L. She actually did number two in the potty today and needless to say it was the highlight of my day. Poop. Her potty sings so it makes poop rather fantastic really.

I am overwhelmed and trying to figure out what my second metaphorical cup of coffee might be. If you have any ideas I'll buy you a latte.
Lucy in a bucket.
Daddy took this trying to get some yard work done while
I slipped away for  a moment of rare solo time.


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