Lent 2013

Lent is a time to re focus, set goals to be just a little bit better and put faith on the front burner.

This year we have added a breakfast prayer to our daily routine. For some reason we always pray at dinner but in the rush of morning, honestly in the stress of morning, we forget to give thanks.

I love hearing what others are working on to be supportive and get new ideas for next year! Giving up shopping at Target has been a challenge and Nate giving up chocolate is a navigational experiment in the kitchen. James giving up sprinkles seems a bit light, and Annie's goal to study more is par for her course. Whatever the goals it is a great time of year to try something new.

In the time of day I often find my self snacking instead of being productive I added a daily devotional. I have to admit week one is off to a rocky start for our personal goals (except Nate of course) but we have prayed each morning 10 strong. Small victories!

Lent 2008 with our crown of thorns and baby Daisy

Wishing everyone a blessed Lent!


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