Remembering Connie Otis

Honoring Sheff's Grandmother Connie Otis
Constance Shepard OTIS June 23, 1919 - January 28, 2013 

To each of us memories are given 
time passes gently from toes dipped lazily in the lake
days turned quickly in calendars marking holidays
special occasions in which the seeing is more important than the reason
chicken recipes, philosophical wonderings
small children 
loving introductions
commonality of knowing family
being in a place simply to enjoy a story

Written without rhyme and meter but with honoring intention
Dedicated to Mrs James C. Otis (Connie) much love Mrs James S. Otis (Deirdre) January 2013

Above image is Sheff with baby Daisy Eleanor in Connie's outdoor pool, the children loved those visits and she loved watching their antics.


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