We All Fall Down

On those hard days when things seem to be unbeatable it is really handy to have a toddler.

Minor car accident (Suburban side swiped by driver trying to turn before oncoming traffic on a green, no fault but high stress and need to fix the car) and school stress (2 out of 8 isn't bad, I know) and poor Lucy is sporting an ouchie eye.

In the midst of a stressful moment Lucy grabbed our hands and pulled me and Daisy to the Christmas tree, running off to gather all the family members she could find into a circle. She pushed and pulled on back pockets and shirt hems until she had us where she wanted. Then she started singing a song. It took a moment but Mark guessed it! Ring Around the Rosie. She squealed with glee when all her hulking brothers and even Daddy fell when we got to .."we all fall down!"

Long days, phone calls, paper work, decision, wishing there was a manual for parenthood is all paled by a toddlers game. We have changed our remodel plans to a build to be more exciting, less stress and are looking forward to Sheff being able to take a few days off near Christmas to have some family R&R.

Baby Livie, little ones are the best stress relief around. 
Focusing on the good stuff, trying to breath through the stress. Thanks Lucy for the reminder!


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