Follow up results

On Friday after our last night of oatmeal we had a family round table meeting. More like a large rectangle meeting with parents on stools, but we met.

Kids talked about respect as the primary lesson. We asked about the food side of things.

James (12) summed it up I don't think this was as much about food as being nice to mom. Sometimes I am really nice abut food, sometimes I am not it has to do more with me than the food.

We asked him how he could be consistent having manners during meal times, rather than the pre teen slump and eye roll.

John-Luke (10) jumped in If we just always say thanks for the meal we are not lying or anything, I mean if we don't like it we didn't say we did just said thank you to mom for making it.

And that is the idea folks! I realize not every meal will be perfect, or beautifully made BUT it is the effort and love that went into getting it onto the table for 10 people every day that I need respected.

Markie (7) had his own ideas I will try stuff but if I don't like it I will ask for a banana and not make icky faces. But mommy if you make us corn dogs I will make extra happy faces and give you lots of hugs. 

Mickey (9) and Nate (8) wanted to weigh in on menu options, this worried some of the others because Mickey and Nate love salads and veggie stir fry, others most certainly do not. Daisy (5) and Lucy (20m) were busy rolling a  Dora ball across the table and delighted when it would occasionally roll into a piece of leftover oatmeal .

Sundays Dinner, salmon, rice and cabbage salad, well received! With Ice cream for dessert :)

Annie's (10) comment made me think of a future blog, and in turn realize what a sharp cookie my quiet girl really is. I think you should put us kids in charge of cooking some nights. We would care more about how people acted at the table if it was like they were eating our work. It would give mom a little break and help us when we have to do math problems about cooking, don't laugh! People are always adding food in math problems!

So on that note we are signing off on the oatmeal project. I am claiming success.


  1. I love that you did this! My kids are still little, and recently they've turned from fantastic eaters into demanding, picky, wanting-to-graze-all-day-then-turning-up-their-noses-at-dinner snackers. I'm not a fan. I just might have to try this in our house!

  2. It worked really well! I think cold cereal would have failed as it is "more fun" but oatmeal is healthy enough, and filling enough to work. I have been so happy with the manners that are back at our table:)


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