Election Day & MCHO

This time of year I am always reminded of the deep need our world has for respect. As our kids talk in classrooms, hear campaign adds on the radio and collect flyers from the front stoop it becomes conversation. We have friends and family on both sides of the party line. Debate is healthy, opinions and the right to have them, are the backbone of this great country of ours.

As we navigate the political waters I hope to show moderation and kind language, especially around our kids. Keeping the language clean and the prayers calm help teach our future voters to be fair and reasonable. And those who know me well know I never swear (unless Tequila or Pepper Vodka are involved which is another blog:)

Mark Chappell Hall Otis was born on election day 7 years ago!
We gave him an election worthy name just in case:)
His initials MCHO remind me of macho which may prove more fitting than a candidate run!
It is so tempting to judge others, to condemn other choices but that simply is not my job. I will vote and I will respect others who do the same. I will tell my children what I am doing and why and hope they can see difference as a chance to learn not show fear. Seven years ago I gave birth to a big blond boy. A boy who is able to enjoy the freedoms and the challenges America offers. I can't imagine it being my son up there on either side, I understand it is the nature of the beast (politics) but I do not have to like the system.

May God bless election day to be one of peace and respect to all parties involved.


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