Need to Get My Perky Back

As a general rule, I wear coffee infused glasses. I see the caffeinated side of life. Sure it is possible, well why not? A recipe with week old veggies could be fabulous! Invite the other kids over, we can beat the Duggars for the day. I am sure I can handle that, and so on.

Most days things wash and I am not peed on. Read on to see the details.

This is one of those days when the recipe did not turn out, the clothes washer and the dishwasher broke  and I had lucky charms for dinner. The kids & DH had spaghetti and meatballs which I always forget is one of the messiest clean ups known to a kitchen floor, sigh.

This was not a prize winning day. How are other moms handling these long summer days ? The kids are happy & healthy, but I am struggling to stay upbeat & creative as August arrived. My workouts need a kick in the booty, I am not finding time to read and I am doing a terrible job seeing friends enough. I usually don't complain much, my closest friends can attest I am usually upbeat, sunny side of the bed and all that.

Today I seemed to have fallen out on my head and then Lucy peed on me, actually she did right before the dish washer took its last breath. A priceless Hallmark mommy moment to be sure. To my credit I did not swear, really I did not. But the boys asked if I was trying for a bear sound when I growled.

So, if you happen to have made a perfect dinner, have all the laundry done & actually put away (yes socks count), a new pedicure or have appliances that work please stay on your side of the bed until I get my perky back.


  1. I only have one sidekick :) and still don't have the lawn mowed, the kitchen cleaned, dinner made, or the laundry put away. Hang in there!

  2. Thanks! A comedy of errors type day. A little coffee, a new day and everything seems relatively possible again. Going to focus on the sidekicks today and let the chores linger a bit:)


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