Leaving the Blues, Enjoying the Sun

Having pulled out of a four day funk last week I am amazed at how rarely I feel actually overwhelmed. Honestly last week was more about feeling underwhelmed. The lack of things to do, the lack of motivation on my part or the kids and the lack of a fun spark to break the mundane created a stressful pressure cooker without a release valve.

So what did we do to shake things up? I asked for a little help from my friends. I am doing a trade this week, signed up for a few days of school day camp half day and prioritized getting adult time.

For the trades I take kids here T/Th and my friend has them M/W, we swap back at noon sometimes sharing lunch. With the school camp program we are swapping roughly the same numbers and it is a fabulous way to get a handle on life.

I also got out, amen, hallelujah. I made it to weekly Mass for a holy day, took the kids to park dates and got out for a girls night. I have no desire to be a martyr, I love working hard but no judgment when I need to play hard too. Thankfully I have a husband who loves having a happy wife and helps me get out for a cocktail, sneak away to read, workout or do my nails. It saves me to get re boot girl time.

This week I reminded myself we just need to get out when I start feeling bummed. We all fit in the suburban (with the extra row), we all fit on a friend's pontoon (life jackets, check), and we all run to Cub together to grab a snack (Kemps bucket of Vanilla).

Hiking with the kids, re boot time, getting out& being creative
So happy to be back to enjoying summer and took i phone notes to avoid a repeat. Get out, get creative and find a friend who will still love you when you vent (over a GnT)!


  1. Good encouragement, been needing to get a last bit of summer fun in ourselves! Warmly Julie


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