Welcome Summer

This year I am feeling special gratitude for summer!

Lucy followed a butterfly around the front yard for 5 minutes yesterday. She blew it kisses when it finely flew on to the next yard.

Mark & Daisy made a calendar of countdown to summer that listed all the things they were looking forward to in summer (including eating freezies on the back of Dad's truck).

The older children are high fiving for being able to sleep in, have their windows open and read comics.

Mickey declared summer his favorite season (each season makes this prized cut yearly, but I love his enthusiasm).

Nate is learning prayers for ordinary time.

I am still trying to tackle this desk, I really should post a photo of it clean when I manage to get it ship shape :)  Sheff finished fixing up our screen porch for summer nights and has a busy summer at Urban Rebuilders.

Wishing you lazy reads, sweet tea on the porch and memories with those who save quarters for the ice cream truck.


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