On the roof, in the dryer...really it's all good!

Phone call from a neighbor:

Neighbor: Hi there! Looks to me like one of your kids is on the roof.
Me: Oh! My well I better...
Neighbor: Doing some landscaping?
Me: Well, yes, but I really ought to see which one it is on top of the house...
Neighbor: Looked like a bigger one...

I quickly hang up the phone and double stair it up as I hear John yell "Mom a ball just fell from the sky!" His voice is full of awe, I am sure he is thinking along the lines of God loves basketball.

I make it to the second story bathroom and see a pair of legs and a butt sticking out of the window. I grab a belt loop, a swinging Mark looks sheepishly up at me and I see James on the roof. The upside James informs me he was simply retrieving bullets, Mark never made it out.

Everyone is off the top of our home and I attempt to change laundry baby gleefully trying to climb into the dryer as Daisy appears, hand on mini hip and tells me "Mom I am not sure you have everything under control around here."



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