Did we fail this Lent? Maybe all of us except ...

Watching Nate say his prayers last night I realized we have finished up Lent, are moving into spring and did I totally fail this year?

I did not read scripture every day as planned, Mickey took many a brother down (goal not to fight with his brothers), John-Luke actually managed not to eat many cookies, Annie was confused half through on what her goal was, I am quite sure Mark broke most of the commandments and James used his lawyer skills to re draft his Lenten choice so many times I can't even tell you what he started with, maybe talking back?

Nate did. Of course Nate did. In the busy Otis household there are times the squeaky wheel gets the grease and Nate fends for himself. Watching him over the course of Lent I am not sure that is a bad thing. He is a very self sufficient guy. He prays at the end of his bed. Every. Single. Night. He gave up candy for Lent and literally had a little bag on his desk by his bed for the whole time. He proudly showed me on Easter when he helped himself to some. Lord Mercy that child has self control!

So I guess we did not all fail, and we all celebrated Nate's success which basically made everyone happy (well he shared his bag of candy). Sheff and I have worked out almost daily starting the beginning of Lent and it makes us more even keel parents.

Still I would not count this past Lent as a Mom success story. I did not keep my brood on track with all their goals, or manage to clean this darn desk. I guess we can claim Nate's success, or at least appreciate him for what he did all on his own.


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