Family Plan March 2020, Wash & Help

Finding out our family of ten is going to be at home together for the foreseeable future lead us to brainstorm some structure. This schedule allows kids ranging baby to senior in high school some level of routine. We have a clear plastic tote for phones for the two hour afternoon slot in the kitchen. Our daily and weekly chores are not changing. Over the summer we are much more relaxed. For our family, accustomed to athletics, faith formation, and being on the go, this will be a challenge. We are doing our best to meet it head on with: 

~ 1 Hour Outside activity (at least, can combine another requirement such as chores)

~ 1 Hour Reading without a screen, can be a book, comic, printed out article.

~ 1 Hour Fitness, this can be walking the dog, weights, running, list choice:

~ 1 Hour childcare slot, or playing with one of the youngest three 

~ 30 min MATH related time, online games, worksheets, watch Kahn academy, Youtube

~Help the household run, Dad has a list of paid work around the house, keep your rooms clean, be mindful of keeping the space to a high standard. Cleaning wipes in all bathrooms. Also, wipe doorknobs daily and use vacuum weekly, change linens weekly.

~ 1-3pm Phones all in the “Phone Box” Unplug. Plan accordingly. Let your clan know, Face Time about at home fashion before or after this time. Print your workout, find a radio. This can be time to go outside, play a family game, clean your room, read and so on.

~ Kitchen chores, set weekly chores that won’t change. Posted. Additionally, when school work comes into play that will take over extra hours. Until then be creative, let us know how to support your ideas. We will find ways to adjust this as needed. 

Notes: How is this different than summer? No hang time/play dates, no major outings, much more time at home, keep up with news, research the science. Church at home (weekly on Sundays) find ways to set goals and use this time. Also, we will have posted community service plans weekly. These will include, but not be limited to: Writing letters to those in nursing homes, figuring out local small businesses to support by getting gift cards or food to go, bringing donations to the food shelf, foster care community support as needed. Loaves and Fishes, meals on wheels. We need to have our eyes open to new needs and how we as a family, can have a civic, faith centered response. 

Wash those hands, make sure they are helping hands. 


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