The First Three Months as a Foster Family

Some things are very similar, the way I cook, the days I clean and how I respond to stress. When things get overwhelming I clean, I cook and I pray. I would like to work on reversing that order:)

Some things have changed. We have a lot more laundry, it is just a fact with eleven people I need to wash clothes and rags daily. One trick we have for health is we have a drawer of washcloths next to the sink and small towels in baskets in our bathrooms. Those are washed daily so any germs do not have a chance to live on with sponges or towels used by so many hands. This trick has worked for years but requires being on top of the laundry.

I also have found I have had to cut back on any commitments that require me to be solo. If mom is gone for a few hours it's hard on everyone. Dad is 100% capable but needed specifically for patching drywall (this has been a skill used far to often lately, little boys who love sports get bigger! Our basement should be a full on gym) math help and one on one time after busy days.

Above main photo is Mom holding baby Mick after geting home from adopting A and J, this photo is of Jr giving our sweet Foster Baby his rose from the Highschool Basketball ceremony. It was a great moment. 
I find that I have to rethink things I could have said yes to before in order to be present for the kids and keep up with food, laundry, homework and just plain time to talk.

The kids are thriving having a baby join us. It is wonderful perspective to put someone else first, to focus on the baby rather than friendship dynamics at school. They all
love seeing her firsts, smiles, shaking her head no to make them laugh, standing on her own and EVERYONE clapping. She is soaking up the love like a Minnesotan on spring break.

The logistics, the sense of respect for difficulty between birth family and foster family and time to fit in meetings and visits are very real. Foster Care requires being open to the unknown while responding with love and a gentle spirit. It has been a challenge to not be able to "power through" and just "get 'er done" that is often the way my personality leans.
The little girls now means three! D, L and Baby Girl

Many people have asked "how can you do this without knowing the outcome?" I think the honest response is, because it is good work, important work. Birth families need help sometimes, we ALL need support and prayer. Sheff and I have been blessed with 8 amazing kids, kids who WANT to give back and help out. Loving a baby, or kids, who come in our door will need to be one decision at a time. But it is worth it, that is why we can do it!

For now I need lots of Auidible/Overdrive and Netflix show recommendations to make the laundry go by faster, humor for the crazy days I share with friends and prayers for all the children we can't help in our home but who I wish we could!


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