Sweet Words after Icy Sweat

“Kind words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Proverbs 16:24 NLT).

Healing to the bones. We are enjoying our ice rink, Sheff's huge creation and hours of flooding have produced back yard play in zero degree temperatures this winter. The ice is not healing to the bones. The kids fall, I slip getting gear on and off, have cut my hands on skates, sticks have left bruises on shins and feeling have been hurt by opposing teams intimidation tactics. A quote by Nate to Mark I will unplug the night-light tonight if you do that again!

But overall the opportunity for a physical outlet has given way to more kindness than combat.  Shared high fives, laughter at face plants over the low boards, hot cocoa and re telling the latest match outside. I have learned that by working out at night (the 9 pm treadmill whir in our household) it saves me from the time of night I loose my patience. It is the time of night I yell for bedtime to happen or homework isn't done yet, really? 

Breaking a sweat is healing to the bones. Putting energy onto the ice this winter for Sheff and the kids, or into the small basement workout room at bedtime for me, gives way to kind words. 

Knowing the limitations of ourselves and finding an outlet is not ignoring anger or frustration, but embracing, allowing it to fuel our movement. Allowing darkness in the gloomy days of winter to become fresh, like rosy cheeks after sledding, the perspiration under a wool hat.

Kindness, choosing to let negativity go dripping into the freezing air, allows for sweet family time. 

Making the rink 2014

Winter walk, Mom & little girls
Dad's ideal moment in winter

A tiny Daisy happy to be in the cold

Mick & John boot Hockey

The year before we stared rinks still driving to skate with the crew

Dad bringing a kid with skates laced from the car to the rink

Nate & Ann

An early Dad workout pulling kids on sleds while he skates

Skating James, amazing we do not have Hockey players!

Uncle Ty on our small rink!

Evergreen's rink


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