Happy Birthday Marky!

As a kid my favorite number was always 9! The year we went to Ireland, the year I could go explore on my bike by myself and the year I started reading TinTin books! Our baby boy, the youngest of the 5 boys, is 9! What a charming, creative and athletic guy he is. Born on election day in 2005 he seems ready to tackle life with joy.
Marky 1 year photo in hand me down Nike's &
that following summer at 1 1/2.
The MnM brothers, Nate 3, Mark 2, Mickey 4

Always found a mess to make
Baby blues turned green with age!

Fell in love with football, practicing for hours in the yard with his Dad and brothers
Our reader, have to sneak in to turn off the light, he falls asleep with books on his head nightly.



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