Happy Birthday to the Otis Dad!

For his birthday Sheff is getting a ridiculously gooey monster cake from the kids, with a side of minnie mouse cupcakes from Lulu. Some snapshots of an amazing father, a fantastic husband and a man who's patience, fair mindedness and enthusiasm make the world a better place. 

We love you Sheffer/Dad!!
Aug 27 2014

Family first
Many little ones have gone to sleep this way:)

Teaching 5 sons how to be a man

A man who loves holding babies, did our nighttime feedings around here.

Working out with babies as weight 2007

A outdoorsman and his ballerina 2009

Date night! One coming up, we will make it happen for our 13th anniversary this year, pinkie promise. And goal to do an overnight away from the kids before we hit 15 years:) We always miss them so maybe 15 is about right but great long walks in the dark to fit it in, runs, hikes, Sunday morning church as a family, the little Japanese noodle shop we love with sake and black coffee early outside before the kids wake up.  Love you!


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