First Conversations

John to Mark: What do you think the best part of the new house is?
Mark: Well, my bed is really comfortable.
John: I think it is the same bed you already had.
Mark: Oh, good point. I guess that we are all here together.
Nate: Ya, the best part is we didn't loose anyone in the move.
Mickey: Like loose a kid?
Nate: I don't know (giggling) I guess it doesn't matter where we are as long as we have the 10 of us.
Daisy: We have the bestest family.
James: Best, and we could use an xbox to be the best.
Daisy: I SAID best
Annie: OK everyone, lets leave it as we are super lucky, for this house, for everything, ok?
Mark: I think we should live in a cabin next.
Nate: Ok, but all together.

A picture Mickey announced they might need future therapy after taking, dressed up at the farm building at the MN State fair. They all went in for Lucy, who consequently loved it!
An actually conversation, I guess they are not as impressed by the beautiful woodwork, floors, paint and new roses out front. But they seem to have gotten the point, we are together. Lucy was busy unrolling toilet paper quietly during this exchange.


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