Plans and the moment we are in

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Simple Mom blog today spoke to the question of purpose as mothers. Are we doing what we had planned on doing, are we in fact doing enough? What would my younger self wish to add to the life I have now? These questions make me turn to gratitude for the moment I am in.

This has been one of the best summers we have had in ages. We are doing daily tennis lessons for the kids, James has had the opportunity to go to camp up north and Annie to do horseback riding. Nate and Mark have been solidifying their creative bond with the production of family plays. Daisy has started sports! She loves tennis and newly discovered soccer like her big sister. John and Mickey have had the best season of Travel baseball because they have a pretty phenomenal coach (Dad)! Sheff is coaching along with a good family friend, and having a blast. They both are so pumped up and excited about the all American sport it puts Sheff on cloud nine.

For me it has been a time to be wholly focused on the kids in such a peaceful way, not having the pull of school and the crazy driving (even the 6 sports teams seem manageable in the summer months). It is refreshing being able to really hang out with each of them. We have found fun new reads from the library including some new cookbooks. I have been writing here and there and journaling my goals personal, spiritual and physical. Sheff and I have started running together, we used to run all the time when we were dating. The run time gives us check in and connect time.

Who did I miss? LUCY. Oh that baby is like a dessert, spicy and sweet all wrapped up chubby cheeks and laughter. She is a spitfire and a social butterfly. She is sharp as a tack and she keeps up with the brood. She is everyone's baby and will be quick to tell you "I am NOT a big girl, I am THE baby!"

Wishing everyone wonderful lazy days of summer, family connection and moments stolen for personal reflection.
Daisy finding  patch of "her flower" by the new house


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