January is a Butthead

Dressed to play in the Minnesota cold!

January has not been our favorite month around here, busy without a lot of down time!  Mark announced coming home from school with very cold hands (wet gloves) "January is a butthead!" Have to say we agree with Mark this year.

Mark & Lucy

But this week we celebrate Lucy Claire turning 2!! What a wonderful, if a bit sleep deprived, two years these have been. Between the business of Sheff's work and me fighting back pain from the accident in December we have been playing sub par.

Things seem to be moving along, I am feeling a bit better and Sheff has been making time to lift & workout again. We have some fun social things coming up, and some basketball games to watch. We have sunshine to look forward to in March (hey its not THAT far away) and it is almost Lent, a season I love to celebrate as a family. Lent is also a time to check in about my own goals, my connection to God and how I can bring faith and fun together as a mother.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Here are the kids with their stockings
Needing a little levity and light in the last part of January, but thrilled to focus on Lucy, she brings out the best in all of us.


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