Fathers day

Fathers day

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Highlights 1 to 8

1. Markie 
Mark is a mini Mickey, all the wrestling and stubborn drive that he now puts into avoiding all green things will find a home on the field/court. This summer he has mastered playing kindly with Nate & Daisy for hours at a time. They usually choose the animals above, Mark's tiger is the football player who tackles Nate's parrot (the teacher) who redirects Daisy's cat (the princess spy).

2. James
This summer as a new 12 James has become our go to guy for babysitting. He can make a bottle with a baby on his hip, change a diaper while shouting directions to kids to get jammies on and clean a kitchen to Army standards. High energy & loving the baby has turned into a huge blessing for mom & dad.

3. Nate 
A rare moment sandwiched between dad & mom. Our independent guy has smoothed many moments in the Otis household. Coming up with games to appease all parties, helping out with someone's chores. He even wrote a whole song that is a rally cry for the football players. He is happy, self assured and really has turned from little kid to big kid over the summer.

4 & 5 Annie & Mick 
Annie and Mickey spent the summer really expressing who they are. Annie is so dedicated to horseback riding and wanting to learn to care for animals. She had her first job cat sitting and loves grooming horses when she rides. Mickey googles play-books, uses a stop watch to time his speed, and practices sports whenever he is not sleeping. He sets up obstacle courses. Yesterday he was out in his football pads running plays with Barbies set up as the opposite team running with Lucy in his arms. Ask Lucy to say "Football" Mick has taught her as well as some other questionable phrases involving "Hubba Hubba"

6. Johnny Boy
John loved Travel Baseball this year. Loved it. Started as a hard season not knowing his teammates very well, going from being one of the best on the field to the youngest on a very talented team. He rose to the occasion showing real sportsmanship and won the coach appointed Rudy award. He is playing Football and basketball like his brothers but seems to have a Baseball heart.

7&8 The Little Girls
What a joy it is to have TWO little girls as the base of our family of jocks. Here we are doing "hair" Daisy sprays Lucy's head with water combs her out and I work on Daisy's tangles. If you have ever seen Daisy head to toe muddy you will usually see a big bow on top. Like pig pen with glam, that is Daisy. She won't slow down, keeps up with the big kids but has her own special flare. Lucy is a bundle of sweet cream, this summer she has gone from being a baby to an all out toddler.

Excited to cap off summer this week and dive into a brand new fall!


  1. Hi Deirdre, I just stumbled upon your blog! I didn't realize that we had so much in common-- we are also trying to adopt and it turns out we have similar taste in names! :) HOpe you are well.

    Dana Fitzpatrick

  2. Love these thumbnails of the children!